Bienvenue sur le site TOULOUSE AGRI CAMPUS

Bienvenue sur le site TOULOUSE AGRI CAMPUS


National Diploma ; Teaching language : English ; Length : 2 academic years ; Location : Toulouse ; 1 or 2 academic years


The Agrofood Chain Master's is a two-year program: master 1 (M1) and master 2 (M2). M1 includes two semesters called semester 7 (S7) and semester 8 (S8). S7 is devoted to the introduction of the agrofood chain concept and process. The lectures focus on the basics of the three pillars: Agronomy, Ecology and Economics.

S7 S7

S8 is devoted to transversal modules combining agronomy, ecology and economics but also other disciplines such as green chemistry or others…

S8 S8

M2 also includes two semesters: semester 9 (S9) and semester 10 (S10). S9 is devoted to a tutored project and a specialization of student in the pillar disciplines. The tutored project is a group work on a specific project on the agrofood chain.

S9 S9

S10 is a 6-month internship. The student works for a laboratory or in a private company for 6 months. The evaluation is done on the basis of a master thesis report and an oral presentation.


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