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TOULOUSE AGRI CAMPUS, pôle de compétences agro-bio-vététérinaire


Toulouse by night
The Agrofood Chain Master offers a unique international atmosphere of academic excellence and gives opportunities for international networking. The Agrofood Chain Masters students are selected from an exceptionally multicultural pool of excellent candidats, coming fromall the world (countries of origin).

The essential set to ease your installation in Toulouse: https://toulbox.univ-toulouse.fr/

Optional student support services

A system of tutoring is available. This includes help by a French student over the first semester (set-up on arrival, administrative procedures...), contacts to rent a flat via private real-estate agencies or to share flats with other students, access to on-line language packages. If interested, please inquire about the specific fees.

Location of courses

All courses are taught on two sites of an unique agricultural campus entirely dedicated to Agrobiosciences, the Toulouse-Auzeville Agrobiopole, located on the banks of the Canal du Midi, South-East Toulouse. Other on-campus facilities: restaurant, halls of residence (Résidence du Vert-Savoir), sports facilities, student common room.

Further information (maps, how to get there, accommodations, students life …) can be obtained from the web sites: 


Photo campus ENFA





Formalities before leaving

Contact the French consulate or embassy nearest to your home to inquire about the conditions of entry into France (visas, health insurance coverage…) and if a VISA is required, you have to apply for a long-stay student visa.

Be careful: Changing a tourist or short stay visa to a long stay visa once you are in France is impossible.

How to find an accommodation?

Step 1 - Before finding your accommodation, seek for a guarantor

All owners will request that you have a French guarantor, i.e. someone who guarantees to pay the rent if it happens that you are unable to pay it yourself. In case nobody can be your guarantor, there are two French public organizations, which can act as your guarantor:

  • LOCA-PASS guarantee only for students under 30 who have been granted a CROUS scholarship and living in some halls of residence or social housing flats.
  • Garantie régionale Midi-Pyrénées accessible to all French and foreign students registered in higher education institutions.

Step 2 - Assess your budget

  • the rent should not exceed 30% of your total resources
  • when signing the lease, you will have to pay: the deposit, the first rent, the estate agency fees. In total a sum equal to two-month rent minimum and up to four or five-month rent maximum !

Notice that, once you are in France, you can apply for

Housing allowances: APL, ALS
  • Student renting a room have the possibility of claiming public housing benefits (APL or ALS), which are managed by the Caisse d'allocations familiales. For further information, please visit the website: www.caf.fr
  • List of document needed for application (once you are in France):
    • a birth certificate, translated into French by an official translator
    • a photocopy of your student card (issued by Paul-Sabatier university)
    • a bank account registration certificate (RIB) issued by your bank in France
    • a photocopy of your residence permit (except for UE nationals)
    • proof of address in France

Step 3 – Find your accommodation

Because the number of places is limited, we can not guarantee accommodation in student Halls of residence for all foreign students. But, here are the different student Halls of residence located near the Toulouse-Auzeville Agrobiopole agricultural campus.

Opening a bank account

To open a bank account, which can be done in any local bank, you will need:  

  • Your passport or ID card    
  • Your student card
  • A proof of address

More about transport in Toulousewww.tisseo.fr