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TOULOUSE AGRI CAMPUS, pôle de compétences agro-bio-vététérinaire


The Agrofood Chain Master offers a unique international atmosphere of academic excellence and gives opportunities for international networking.

A nice state of mind

  • Students video promoting the master AgroFoodChain 

Each year, the Agrofood Chain Master admits approximately 25 new students. To learn more about the Agrofood Chain Master students and alumni read their stories.

A Multicultural Master

The Agrofood Chain Master students are selected from an exceptionally multicultural pool of excellent candidates, coming from all the world.

Countries of student origin

Words of former students

KOSHAL Abdullah (graduated in 2016)

« Building my career in AgroFood-Chain enriched my life, for which I am very grateful to every faculty member of Agrofood-Chain. Study in a highly accredited institute (INP/ENSAT/ENFA) was a dream in my academic life. Study in a class, where 13 nationalities were gathered together, provided a professional environment of study to become world-class professionals. Exchanging of professional and academic experience through group projects among the students was an excellent opportunity, which I find very rewarding. Flexibility in course curriculum, which was an interdisciplinary program, was another greater interest in the master Agrofood Chain, where most programs were structured very well according to today’s challenging and competitive cooperate world. Students had opportunity to emphasize and narrow down topics of specific interest in their field of study in pre-specializations. Agrofood Chain provided opportunity for the students to work with professors on different research topics, and excitedly, today more than 25% of my classmates have been pursuing PhD in France or outside of France. It was an excellent opportunity in terms of practical experience during academic program. Having these facilities can expose students to the real world options, and upon graduation, they are familiar with the work environment. With such diverse academic and international background, international students are better prepared for working with absolute ease anywhere throughout the world. »

What can Agrofood Chain students do after their Master degree?

The Agrofood Chain Master is still young, but has nearly 100 alumni who work in about 25 countries around the world. The graph below has been built after surveying 53 former students over the last 4 years.

Jobs after